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Hail India – Privacy Policy

Every very website and business enterprise has its own privacy policies that might be different from each other depending upon the nature and size of the business. Privacy policies of have been recorded in electronic forms in the Information Technology Act, 2000. Hail India is a reputed website keeps you always updated by providing you information about a wide range of topics from all around the world and majorly it focuses on the topics from your daily routine life. Hail India is very well concerned about the privacy of its users and thus, it does not ask for any of your information to disclose with any other third parties. There are some factors associated with our privacy policies and you can easily get an idea about the same by reading the details given below-

What type of information we collect?

Generally, several other websites may ask the unnecessary or extra information from you but when it is about, you need not get worried for even a single time as we ask for your basic details only. Such details are collected to provide you a better user experience from the next time and nothing more than that. We usually store your information such as your full name mobile number, email address, and home address to store in our records. This information is then utilized further only to enhance your user experience in future.

How you use your personal information?

We can utilize your personal information being stored in our records for the below mentioned purposes-

  • to identify you as our regular user for the next time whenever you will log on to the website
  • to fulfill all your needs and requirements related to the services we offer
  • to develop and expand our business with a better growth factor
  • to make the required improvements to our website content and design

We may use your personal information in the following ways:

  • to identify as the author of content you submit to the sites;
  • to fulfill your requests for products and services;
  • to cater you by resolving all your queries with an availability of 24*7
  • to improve our research methodologies

How do we disclose your information?

Generally, we do not disclose any of your information from our website, as we are very strict with our own privacy policies but yes, sometimes, it may become essential to disclose your information in the below-mentioned cases only-

  • We may disclose your information to generate new mailers and newsletters for the promotion of our services and the entire business. Such mailers and newsletters are also useful for you as the users as the same will keep you updated about the services we provide and you may easily get an access to all your newly added services or procedures.
  • We may also disclose your information with Google AdSense when it is about the ranking of This Google Adsense works by placing some cookies that would re-direct it to all the pages or content you might have visited or explored so that we can then easily target your direct needs and requirements.
  • We may disclose some of your personal or basic information to make some improvements to our web platforms only with an intention to provide you a safer as well as better experience in future, if you would be satisfied with our services or information about beauty, travel, health & wellness then surely, you would recommend to others too.
  • We may disclose your information so that you can easily be identified on downloading our mobile application without even giving your personal details again. Our mobile application would automatically fetch all your information by just your mobile number only.

Yes, overall we do not leak any of your confidential information with any third party users with any negative intention. As is focused about the topics from all over the globe, it is essential for us to know the requirements and interests of our target audience for which we may have to use some external tools but all your data would be safe at our website. No worries are the, you must be updated with our services and the only way to do so is to visit our website regularly or by referring our weekly mailers and newsletters.