Politicians across the world tested positive with coronavirus

By | April 19, 2020

Coronavirus is not bound by any border and it travelled all over. There is no category of people who might get affected by coronavirus. There is no nationality of getting affected by coronavirus and thus there is a long list of political leaders who tested positive for coronavirus.

  • Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton tested positive for coronavirus and has been admitted in the hospital.

  • Michel Barnier, European Union’s chief negotiator for Brexit has reported that he has been tested positive for coronavirus after his visit from Britain.

  • Augusto Heleno, National Security Advisor, Brazil tweeted that he had tested positive for coronavirus while he has no visible symptoms.

  • Dabi Alcolumbre, Head of Brazil’s Senate, tested positive for COVID-19 and he also criticized President, Jair Bolsonaro for his delayed response to the pandemic.

  • Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, France was the first politician in France to get contaminated with coronavirus and tested positive in early March.

  • Germany politician named Friedrich Merz, tweeted that his symptoms are mild to moderate for coronavirus and on testing reported positive.

  • Iran being highly affected by coronavirus even reported death of some political leaders. As per the report, 24 members of the parliament were reported to positive for coronavirus and two deaths were reported: Fatemeh Rahbar, Tehran, and Mohammad Ali Ramezani, Gilan. There is a long list for Iran for tested positive politicians.

  • Jeremy Issacharoff, Israel, Ambassador to Germany had a meeting with deputy from German legislature and later tested positive for coronavirus.

  • Italy is in a list of maximum deaths due to coronavirus also have a list of politicians who tested positive for coronavirus. Head of the Italian Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti was the first politician who test positive for coronavirus.

  • Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion, Norway, Torbjorn Roe Isaksen test positive for coronavirus.

  • Michal Wos, Environment Minister, Poland has tweeted the announcement that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

  • General Jaroslaw Mika, the General Commander of Poland Armed Forces has returned from a military conference in Germany tested positive for coronavirus.

  • Spain Equality Minister, Irene Montero was the first member of Spain’s Cabinet who test positive for coronavirus and has been quarantined. Along with her some other members of the cabinet were also quarantined viz. Pablo Iglesias, Deputy Prime Minister & leader of Podemos party.

  • Pere Aragones, the Catalan Deputy Head of the Government announced his report of being tested positive for coronavirus.

  • On March 19th, David Beasley, Executive Director of United Nations World Food Program announced that he has been tested positive for coronavirus and went for quarantine immediately.

  • Helene Weinstein and Charles Barron, Members of New York State Assembly has been tested positive for coronavirus.

  • Nadine Dorrine, Health Minister of Britain was the first politician to be tested positive for coronavirus.

There are more in the list and still counting. It is recommended by the governments of all the countries around the world to stay at home and isolated to prevent the spread and contamination of coronavirus.

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