Features That Explore Difference between SUV and XUV

By | March 29, 2020

Features of SUV Vehicles:


SUV basically stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. These vehicles are very similar in features of the off road vehicles. It is a type of four-wheeled drive vehicle which has been designed to run on the rougher surfaces. Several countries have named this SUV as ‘Jeep’ and ‘Land Rover’. SUV is a term majorly used specifically for the larger, light, stronger, robust, and truck shaped vehicle.

Such SUV vehicles are usually larger in size as compared to the other vehicles running on the road. These vehicles are specifically designed for off-road and to generate more power in terms of ride. When we talk about the sitting of driver, the position is quite above the normal average position of any other car or vehicle. The sitting and everything gives a much better view of the driver and vehicle with a powerful and sporty look.

Features of XUV Vehicles:

XUV stands for Crossover Utility Vehicle. It is a type of hybrid car that contains a variety of different features similar to MUV and SUV both. It is a term which is specifically used by the large scale companies such as Tata and Mahindra. These companies use this specific term for their cars. All such XUV cars possess different types of architectures. XUV cars majorly look like the sporty as well as urban type cars. These cars also have the off-roading capabilities. Apart from this, such cars have an efficient fuel system too.

Several major car manufacturing companies and industries are there that design both types of vehicles including SUV and XUV. When we compare both types and models, SUV vehicles are quite expensive than the others. SUV vehicles majorly consist of the stronger vehicles having the towing capacity similar to the pickup truck and space of station wagon.

XUV is also another category of vehicles having a higher capacity but not more than the SUV’s. This term XUV is associated with Mahindra XUV 500. It majorly contains features similar to SUV itself and was designed at the official center of the company that is based in Nashik and Chennai. These XIV vehicles have an engine known as mHawk140.

It is the 5th generation engine type having the gross power of maximum 140 Bhp. Thus, all these SUV’s, MUV’s, XIV’s are similar in nature and features and we can differentiate them only on the basis of their specifications and capacity powers.

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