India’s Boycott Chinese Products campaign gone blaze and fire.

By | July 11, 2020

Once again the Indian government and internet campaign has lit up the fire to Boycott Chinese Products and digital apps. On the one hand, it could be a difficult time entertainment and fun activities. But, some similar Indian apps will be the sigh of relief. Apps like Tiktok, UC browser, Helo app, Baidu map, Club factory and so on will be banned going forward.

Most interesting point is that not only India is the only country which will be avoiding these products but also Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, united kingdom and Tibetan government in exile will be following this trail. The reason behind this strict decision may vary country to country, but the most common reasons for this boycott china include the low quality of products and also the Chinese milk scandal was a very clear example for their worst food safety.
There are objections to more exact matters related to China, like eating of dog meat and recently, the government’s loose management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now India and Tibet have joint campaign to boycott Chinese products as The chief of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh stated: “We speak about self-dependence and standing up to China.”
The new government seems to be standing up on the issue. But where will the government draw strength from, if we don’t stop buying things from China?” But the good news is that Indian app developers and other service providers can play a very serious role in helping the people in accepting this challenge.

Let’s have a short overview of the apps which are owned by the Indian developers. Apps like Disney, Hotstar, ….. are expected to be on the boom for so far. Taking this on the other side, this activity will be like a curse to china as they have a vast list of users from India for their physical and digital products. This may lead to serious economic damage.
However, China had invested a huge amount in Indian companies. As numbers say 18 out of 30 of India’s billion-dollar projects are funded by China. So it can have an impact on the economy rate of both countries. But taking this on positive notes we should support to this national decision.

The Boycott of Chinese products is now a global issue like this pandemic situation. more info subscribe to our page and get the latest update about the top industries and other sectors.

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