Coronavirus capturing India minute by minute

By | March 29, 2020

Coronavirus is spreading all over the world, which started in China. The first case of coronavirus pandemic 2019-20 reported on 30th January 2020. To date, total 979 cases of coronavirus have been notified and still counting. With the increase in the diagnosed number of patients, treatment services are increasing day by day. As per the reports, the coronavirus affected patients are from different states and union territories. Highest number of patients have been reported from Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. According to current status there are 25 deaths and 87 recovered cases in India.

People having symptoms of cough and cold must quarantine and visit the doctor immediately to get appropriately diagnose the reason. It’s better to maintain hygiene and sanitize the hands and body from time to time. It is better to stay at home and not roam anywhere to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

A few cases affected by coronavirus have reported death, and the number is increasing. Taking these conditions into concern, the government has taken several measures like Lockdown, Janta Curfew, providing medical services, providing free masks, and sanitizer.

As a matter of concern, the government decides to lock down most of the states of the country to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus. To date, whole country have been lockdown, and only essential services are open in these areas. The government is taking strict measures and asking the general public to avoid any gatherings, meetings, etc. Even political meetings and Lok Sabha sessions terminated.

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