Air Quality Breaks All Records in India Due to Lockdown

By | April 10, 2020

The breaks and updates of the Corona Virus in India is the priority of Hail India. Now we are going to announce the information regarding Air Quality in India since Lockdown. The results are impressive and air quality is reducing from the poor graph. India is currently facing the big lockdown situation (because of Corona Virus Outbreak).130 Crore People are in their home. The thing is only 19 people can infect over 900 people in the country because the Virus is Fast affecting the virus of the world. Italy (which is the developed country and have a good medical facility) already surrender behind Corona Virus. Around 9000+ Died Due to Corona Virus in Italy. Be seeing all these things, the Prime Minister of Our Country announced the Lockdown in Country.

Percentage of Air Pollution Effects in City:

  • Delhi: 30 Percent
  • Ahmedabad: 15 Percent
  • Pune: 15 Percent
  • Mumbai: 25 Percent

Why the Air Quality Index is Going Positive Way During Lockdown?

There is no doubt, that all transportation stops working as the present time. No buses, metro, flights, cars and other vehicles are running on the roads and that’s why the quality of air in the different cities of India is increasing positively.

Fewer Crowds on the road (or no crowd on the road) also helps to improve the environmental conditions in our country. This is the first time in history, when the Air Quality Index is improved with the high percentage in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai as well.

The production of goods is also stopped and that’s why the factory work is also completely shut-down. One of the big reasons of Air Pollution is also the production in factories.

The air is now clean of our country and it will give great impact on the environment to fight against Corona Virus for the country. The air quality index also reaches on the on the good percentage in the rural areas as well.

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