Job Vs Business: A Big Contradiction of Indian Youth

By | March 29, 2020

Are you also looking for the answer to Job Vs Business? This is the comprehensive topic for concern and you should know why this is important for you as to why people are confused between both the things. Why Job is good or Why Business is good? Every person has its own choice and the youth of the 21st Generation is now open-minded regarding these things. First of all, let’ start the discussion on this topic with some major FAQs.


From the last 10 years, the interest of the young generation of India is moving immensely for doing business. Are youth wants to earn big in the short period? No, they want to prove there selves as an entrepreneur. Indian youth is now not crazy for the high post jobs in government or private sectors but they want to start their business to establish with own identity.

Business is the Name of Risk:

Yes, if you have the power of risk to gain something then you should go with the business. The young generation is not afraid while taking a risk because they have the power of backup. They never take new steps without any backup. Many startups are also started by the youth while doing a job (which is the appreciable thing).

Job is Security (Especially in Government Sector):

I remember my parents always wish for a government job from me. Indian culture is always dominating for the government job craze because people think government job means 100% future security. These trends are also going ending because people are getting higher salary packages in the MNC Companies and Reputed Organizations rather than the government sector. However, the Private Sector is still known for the uncertainty of insecurity regarding the job.

Final Decision: Which Is Better: Job or Business

Now, we have come to the final decision for Job Vs Business Article. Well, both are appropriate for their own positions because the selection is only depending on the candidate’s choice. You don’t need to worry about future security but you should only do what you want (Job or Business).

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