What You Will Do In The Next 21 Days Of Lockdown Due to Corona Virus

By | March 29, 2020

Are you also thinking that same? Well, I am talking about what to do in 21 days of lockdown due to the coronavirus. People are getting bored in this situation and that’s why they are looking for interesting tips to do in this lockdown time. India is fighting with Corona Virus and as PM already announced for the 21-Days Lockdown in India. Follow these amazing Lockdown Time Pass Tips. (These are not only for the young generation but also for family class and old people can do).

21 Time Pass Things That You Can Do During Lockdown in Your Home:

1. Play Carrom Board With Your Family and Siblings

2. Make Your Own YouTube Channel and Promote Your Skills and Knowledge On YouTube

3. Renovate Your Home and Change The Place Furniture and Stuff Of Your Home to Give Better Look.

4. Vanish Your Wardrobe in Systematic Way.

5. Make Some Funny Videos on TikTok With Your Family.

6. Improve Your Online Visibility on Social Networking Website and Post Some Interesting and Audience Influencing Content

7. Play Ludo At Home with Family (If Ludo is Not Available then Download Ludo King App).

8. Improve Your Communication and Writing Skills By Learning Some Online Courses and Chapters.

9. Find Online Work From Home Websites (According to Your Skills) and Engaged With Work

10. Play Badminton at the Roof of Your House

11. Play Table Tennis at Your Home

12. Engaged in Silly Talks with Your Old Parents to Give them Happiness in this difficult time

13. Try to Clean Every Single Corner of Your Home Perfectly in 21 Days (That will work for your next 6 months).

14. Write Some Poetry in Your Diary (If you have the habit of writing).

15. Do Mediation at Home Every Morning

16. Every Day, Dance on New Songs With Your Family While Using Your Speaker (It’s time to enjoy the quality time with your family).

17. Try to Build good Habits in Your Kids

18. Don’t depend on social media platforms for time pass too much and focus to fix your loopholes and perform better in future

19. Explore New Food Recipes on YouTube and Make Interesting Food at Home

20. Everyday Write Your Whole Life Experience in a Diary and These 21 Days Complete Your Life Achievements and Mistakes in a Diary

21. Apply Some Amazing Home Mad Beauty Tips (Lick Natural Packs on Your Face) to Glow More and Look Beautiful

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