5 Online Dating Tips Hacks That Every Beginner Must Know

By | April 7, 2020

Dating is an awesome experience for any person and especially when you never date someone in your life. If you have some doubts regarding the dating tips in your mind or you are curious about how to start online dating someone then don’t worry this is the brief guide for you of dating.

An Ultimate Dating Guide For Every Beginner

Who Can Start Dating?

To Start Dating you should at least 16 Years Old. However, there is no age restriction to start dating but according to the rules and advice of organizations; you must be at least 16 years to date someone.

Types of Dating:

Dating is mainly two types. The first is online dating. Second is offline dating (that means when you meet with the unknown person).

Which is the Best Dating Method?

Both are the best dating methods but it only depends on your choice. For example, if you have less circle of people and don’t know many people then you should choose online dating because it allows you to meet new people in a short period. On the other hand, if you have a good friend circle then you can start dating someone from your friends (as it is the most secure and trusted way because you know about the person).

Top Online Dating Apps in India:

  1. Tinder tinder

  2. Happn happan

  3. Bumble bumble

  4. Hinge hinge

  5. Tantan tantan

Steps to Start Dating With Someo ne (If You Are a Beginner):

  1. You need to talk with each other (to understand both likes and dislikes).

  2. Don’t talk too much (this is advised because sometime the girl or boy may not understand your value if you are always available for them)

  3. Always Talk on Call or Chat While Sleeping in Night

  4. Make Some Special Moments for each other to give a special feeling

  5. Try to go on lunch or dinner dates twice in a month on peaceful places (Not on Clubs or Disco because it may not beneficial for the long-term relationships)

  6. Gifts are also great but try to build emotional bonding with each other.

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