General public contribution in fighting against coronavirus

By | April 28, 2020

As we all can see coronavirus is spreading at faster pace and affecting all our lives. Everywhere thousands of people are affected by it and dying as a result of its contamination. Governments along with medical facilities are trying to reach common people and asking them to maintain hygiene and avoid gatherings. Doctors and medical specialists are giving their best in treating and preventing people from getting contamination from coronavirus. Government is providing facilities to maintain hygiene and health.

Is it their responsibility only to fight for us against such evil that cannot be seen? No, it is our responsibility as well. People are asking what they can do to prevent spreading of coronavirus. So here is the answer to their questions how they can contribute in preventing spreading of coronavirus/COVID-19.

  • Frequently clean your hands with handwash, soaps for about 20 seconds and alcohol-based sanitizers.

  • Maintain a distance while communicating and avoid close contact.

  • Avoid touching face, nose and eyes with dirty hands.

  • While coughing and sneezing cover your mouth with tissue or handkerchief.

  • Immediately threw dirty tissue or handkerchief in bin covered with lid.

  • If observe symptoms like cough, fever and breathing problem, then immediately consult a doctor or all healthcare helpline of your state.

  • Always wear mask if you are sick, or you can also wear if not sick to prevent contamination

  • Do not touch anything unnecessarily

  • Disinfect your surrounding object like tables, switches, phones, keys, toilets, sinks, etc.

  • Stay inside your house to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

All these measures we all can take at our own and give our contribution in preventing coronavirus/COVID-19.

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