Five reasons why you should drink tea – Health benefits of tea!

By | March 5, 2020

Is there a day that goes by without having a cup of tea? In fact, we might drink multiple cups in a day! What’s in it that we get so addicted? Is this addiction harmful to health? Well, here’s good news for all the tea lovers out there, this delectable hot liquid has a lot of health benefits of tea

Here are five reasons you must know to have that cup of tea without a second thought.

1. Reduces the risk of heart attacks

According to some research, people who drink tea more than three times a week are less prone to heart diseases. A compound named ‘polyphenols’ found in black tea and green tea helps to improve cardiovascular health. The functioning in the blood vessels smoothens and it helps to prevent clots, hence the chance of a heart attack decreases.

2. Hydrates the body

Drinking 5-7 cups of tea a day can help you maintain the hydration level of your body. However, some caffeinated teas can be less beneficial in this matter, as caffeine compels your kidney to flush out water more frequently. Despite caffeine in it still, tea manages to keep you hydrated.

3. Helps fighting cancer

Tea is made from leaves of the plant ‘Camellia sinensis’ and contains a lot of antioxidants. It was found in some studies that tea may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Well, there isn’t any solid evidence but many types of research have shown that tea can help fight many other cancers like colon, lung, prostate, and breast.

4. Good for your stomach

The polyphenols present in the tea can modify gut bacteria. This can help improve your blood sugar levels and will reduce excess carbohydrate absorption. It is also beneficial in helping to reduce weight because fibers are not enough!

5. Prevents tooth decay

Not all sugary drinks are bad for your health, and certainly not this one! Tea contains fluoride which increases the bacteria in your mouth. Now, this reduces the risk of cavities, oral cancer, and periodontal diseases.

Tea has been used for a long time to treat ailments and still, there’s heavy research going on about its benefits. These were some of the science-backed reasons to drink tea, there are many more.

So now when next time someone stops you from sipping a cup of tea, you know what to say to them!

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