Doctors and Nurses- real heroes during fight against coronavirus

By | April 28, 2020

World is facing a medical emergency in form of coronavirus/COVID-19 which is affecting health and even some people were dying. A huge population in countries like China, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, UK, Greece, India, etc. At this moment of crisis doctors, nurses, and health workers are working round the clock serving their best to treat the patients affected with coronavirus.

Doctors and nurses are working in continuous shifts and even not visiting their homes as a precaution. The hospitals are completely equipped with the patients and to treat them medical needs are fulfilled by the government of the country. Doctors are working for hours without counting their shifts and trying to cope up with the outbreak.

Nurses and health workers are assisting the doctors in the treatment procedures. They all are wearing protective equipment and getting bruises on their faces because of prolonged use. Special wards like isolation ward is set up in each hospital where all the patients detected positive are admitted and treated. Since, there is no vaccine against corona, so these heroes are risking their lives and trying their knowledge at best to treat maximum number of patients around the world.

Several photos are shared by the doctors and health workers around the world after their shifts from the hospitals. One of the pictures is shared by Nurse Cao Shan of Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan, China. She said “She and her husband, a doctor also working at the hospital, have slept in the vehicle for 23 nights to avoid bringing viral hazards around, save commuting time, and give their assigned nearby hotel room to colleagues”.

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