Coronavirus/COVID-19 – Myths and Facts

By | April 19, 2020

Coronavirus has captured the world and taking so many lives every day. As per the statistics 1000s of people died all over the world and still counting. The reason for its spread is the understanding of the people about the facts and myths about the disease. There are only few people who actually known what is the disease, how it can spread, how it can be prevented and whether it can be treated or not.

So here are your answers to all the questions stating difference between the myths and facts about coronavirus/ COVID-19.



Coronavirus cannot be transmitted in hot and humid climates

Coronavirus can be transmitted in hot and humid climate areas

Cold weather and snow can kill the coronavirus

Coronavirus cannot be killed by cold weather or snow, as the body temperature remains same regardless of surrounding temperature (i.e. 37oC)

Hot bath can prevent you from catching coronavirus

Hot bath does not prevent you from catching coronavirus as it does not change the body temperature which is 37oC

Hand Dryers are effective in killing coronavirus

No, hand dryers cannot kill the coronavirus, so to protect yourself against coronavirus you must frequently clean you hand with soap and sanitizers

Mosquito bites can transmit coronavirus

Coronavirus cannot be transmitted through coronavirus as it is respiratory virus which spread through droplet of saliva or cough or sneeze.

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is best to kill coronavirus

Ultraviolet disinfection lamps should not be used to disinfect hands from coronavirus as it can cause skin irritation

Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over the body can kill coronavirus

Spraying alcohol or chlorine can only disinfect the surface but it cannot kill the coronavirus that has already entered your body

Vaccines against pneumonia can protect you against the coronavirus

Pneumonia vaccines cannot protect you against the coronavirus as the virus is new and no vaccine that act against it not available yet

Eating garlic can help you prevent against the coronavirus

Coronavirus can affect even if you eat garlic instead of its antimicrobial property

Coronavirus can only affect old age people or kids, no impact on young people as their immune system is stronger

Coronavirus can affect people of all ages and that can be seen from the cases reported worldwide

Antibiotics are helpful in preventing and treating new coronavirus

No, antibiotics cannot prevent or treat coronavirus as they work against bacteria only and not against virus

To treat and prevent the coronavirus pandemic it is very important to be clear about the truth and myths about the disease.

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