6 Most Delectable Cuisines Of India

By | February 29, 2020

India is considered as the hub of food and cuisines. But it’s quite difficult to categorize it into just North Indian or South Indian. We can see a great culinary variation within every state in India. Some of the major types of cuisines are mentioned below.

  • Andhra Cuisine

The food prepared in Andhra is deliciously hot and tangy. The most favorite food is pulihara and tamarind rice. Dosa popularly known as pessaratu and uppama is the most loved dish from Andhra Cuisine.


Hyderabadi biryani is rice and meat preparation which is a famous dish all across the world. Andhra Cuisine is predominantly vegetarian except Hyderabadi and coastal area food.


  • Bengali Cuisine


Bengali food consists majorly of fish, lentils, and rice. The breakfast mostly consists of milk and rice flakes with jaggery or luchi (pancake) with a dry spicy potato dish. Bengalis enjoy elaborate lunch and dinner which includes rice and daal with vegetable, mango pickle, and fresh salad. It is followed by rice and meat or rice and fish.

RasgullaBengalis have a sweet tooth and a vast range of milk-based sweets are made in Bengal. Rosogulla is the lightest mouth-watering Sandesh available all over India but nowhere can you find the original taste like Bengal.

  • Gujarati Cuisine


It is always mostly restricted to vegetarian which is unlike any other Indian cuisine. The only difference is that the food has an unusual blending of the sweet with the other flavors to form a whole delicious dish. The thali consists of a variety of vegetable curries, dais or lentils, a variety of bread including savories like crispy fried farsans including sweetmeats, chutneys, and pickles. Popular dishes are khamandhokla, shrikhand, undhyoo, kadi, and paunk.

  • Mughalai Cuisine


It is a cuisine blended with Mughal and European flavor influenced by the royal kitchens. It is genuinely the spiciest cuisine in India which you can taste. The origin of this cuisine lies in the past because of the hunting expeditions of the nobility as it lasted for a longer time without getting spoiled.

  • Punjabi Cuisine


Punjabi food is rich in flavors with a generous amount of ghee and spices. Milk and milk products are available in abundance in Punjab hence; it is an important part of the diet of the people. The meals are incomplete without a glass full of buttermilk. Popular Punjabi dishes are stuffed paranthas, sarsonsaag (mustard leaf curry), rajmachawal (kidney beans with steamed rice), kadhi (gram flour and yogurt curry) and tandoori chicken.

  • Rajasthani Cuisine


Because of the scarcity of water, women served buttermilk or milk along with the dried lentils and beans. Gram flour is the major part of delicacies prepared in Rajasthan including gattakisabzi and pakodi. Bajra and corn are the staple grains used to make rotis, khichdi, and rabdi. You can find the most crispy and syrupy jalebis anywhere in Rajasthan. It has a variety of sweets like malpuas, mishrimawa, ghevaf, sohanhalwa, diljam, and laddoos. Mathis, bhujia and khattametha are the most popular savory snacks developed in Rajasthan.

So, if you are a diehard fan of mouth-watering dishes do try these delectable cuisines. Your trip to India would be incomplete if you miss any of these delicious recipes handpicked from each corner of the country. You must understand the desire of food which most of the Indians have after trying these dishes on your own. Food is everything for an Indian which would yourself feel after spending some time in India. Visit the country soon to experience the taste on India!

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