5 Hottest Instagram Actresses From India

By | April 7, 2020

As we know, about the fame of Instagram (in the world and India as well). In this article, we will talk on the 5 Hottest Instagram Actresses from India. The list is big but will talk on some of the popular names here. You can also follow these actresses on Instagram for the updated news and updates. Let’s checkout,

#1. Priyanka Chopra: 


There is no need of introduction for this name because this is the hottest actress of India and frequently posting hotter stuff on the Instagram wall (which are liked by their millions of followers).

How Many Followers Priyanka Chopra Have on Instagram?

46 Million

#2. Deepika Padukone: 


After marrying with Ranveer Singh, Deepika is in the boom of the limelight. Recently she posted the bold photos of Beach with Hubby Ranveer Singh and fan also reacts on these photos of Deepika with blossom comments.

How Many Followers Deepika Padukone Have on Instagram?

38 Million

#3. Alia Bhatt


The sweet, kind and naughty girl Alia Bhatt is also famous on Instagram. If you don’t know about the fact then you may never see the Hot Posts of Alia Bhatt on Instagram. She is actively posting and sharing hot stuff (like bold photos and pictures) on their account.

How Many Followers Alia Bhatt Have on Instagram?

44 Million 

#4. Sara Ali Khan: 


Daughter of Saif Ali Khan, Sara is one of the popular and cute actresses. When you see the posts of Instagram account of Sara Ali Khan, you can understand why this New Comer is popular in the industry. Sara Hot Photos and Pictures are always going viral fast on Instagram.

How Many Followers Sara Ali Khan Have on Instagram?

20 Million

#5. Shraddha Kapoor


Great Actor Daughter (Shakti Kapoor) Shraddha Kapoor has also come in the list of hottest Bollywood actress on Instagram. Shraddha Kapoor is famous in the fans just because of the iconic and natural beauty but the thing is she also posted hotter stuff on Instagram account.

How Many Followers Shraddha Kapoor Have on Instagram?

37 Million

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