Hail India – Disclaimers

As you guys know that Hail India is a website where you can get plenty of blogs on beauty, health, entertainment, technology, art & culture, and many more topics – there are some
disclaimers developed by the website owners to maintain the proficiency and reputation of the

Acceptance of our Terms

At Hail India, we have developed some terms and conditions that suits our business for its better growth and expansion. By visiting hailindia.com and accessing to any of the information, you guys would automatically agree to all our terms and conditions being mentioned over the website itself. If you want that you won’t get bound to agree to our terms and the only solution is that you  must not visit the website.

Terms of Use

The entire website, hailindia.com has been designed with a great pace by adding the unique quality of text, images, content, information, logos, and graphics. The information we have provided over your website is genuine but when it is about your health then you can surely follow our blogs in your personal lives but for health related issues/concerns, you must always consult your doctor rather than suing us for any purpose.

Provision of Services

We as the owners of this website are completely authorised to do any modifications or even can initiate the discontinuation of our services by our own sole discretion and without any prior notice to its users. You must keep yourself updated in such a case by visiting our website regularly.

Proprietary Rights

As a lot of confidential information about some services or trademarks may also be found on the website, you cannot even try to steal such information with any possible intentions. Hailindia.com has a complete right of keep a watch on your continue usage of this website whether you are using it for your personal or commercial use.

Submitted Content

If you usually give any content to hailindia.com then our team can publish the content with their own decision as you itself are giving us the royalty free license for the same. Our content management team publishes any of the blogs or articles only after reading it thoroughly so as to make some modifications (if required).

Termination of Agreement

If you are registered as a user or a blogger over hailindia.com then we have an authority to terminate your agreement in case of any offences might be happened against of our policies. Your termination would be happen without any prior notice.

Disclaimer of Warranties

If you are agreeing to our terms and conditions that means you are accessing or using any of the information from our website at your own risk and thus, you can sue us for any reasons in future. On the other hand, in few cases if there is any mistake made by our team then we would surely rectify the same to provide you a better experience next time.

You as a user or a blogger just need to know that we value our terms and conditions at hailindia.com and thus, developed some disclaimers for its better growth in future.