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Beauty is the attractive property of a living or non-living things object that draws others’ attention. It could be its colour, shape, size, quality, rareness, feel, behaviours, etc. which attract others. Beauty is misled as attractive features sometimes but can very perceptually.

7 Latest Trendy hairstyles for men to try this summer.

We, ‘Humans’ are more selective and concerned with our looks, as there are lots of options open for us. Generally, women carry long hairs and take care of them but men are found to be more responsible towards the hair. Maybe because of a variety of trendy hairstyles for men available in INDIA or Other… Read More »

How to make any lipstick matte?

Getting ready for a date, party, meeting, or any occasion? Well, makeup without a perfect lip shade is just incomplete. Lipsticks are something that can be found in every girl’s makeup collection. Matte lipsticks are ruling these days. Matte makes any color no matter how dark or light, a bit more sophisticated and classy. Also… Read More »

Sheet mask – A sheet soaked in serum!

The beauty industry comes up with new trends every time. Nowadays, a major part of skin care routine is now trending towards including sheet masks in the routine. We use an uncountable number of things like the primer, concealer, foundation, etc to hide the imperfections and get flawless skin. Well, makeup makes us feel beautiful… Read More »