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The art and culture both are like two sides of a coin. The art means the craft, work, visual arts, literary arts, or performing arts, that is done creatively. Whereas culture means the way of life of a group or society, influenced by history. Both art and culture exist at the same time as a culture without art are of no use.

What is Easter Day and How Christian Celebrate This Holiday?

Every tradition and custom has its own specific festive occasions and similarly, Easter Day is for the Christians which usually fall on Sunday. It is one of the most festive occasions for the Christian community which represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death. The same has also been written in the Christian Bible as… Read More »

30 things to pack when going on a road trip

Thinking about hitting the road for a trip this time? And since you are here we are sure that you are quite confused about what to pack for your on-road adventure. A road trip can be very tiring, driving on and on for miles can exhaust you to an entirely different level. It’s important that… Read More »

Top 8 Destinations of India

India is a country with vast variety of cultures and traditions. You can enjoy the different flavours of life after a certain distance. You can experience a variety of cuisines and languages while travelling across the country. It is really difficult to narrow down the best destinations of into a few but here are some… Read More »