How to make any lipstick matte?

By | March 6, 2020

Getting ready for a date, party, meeting, or any occasion? Well, makeup without a perfect lip shade is just incomplete. Lipsticks are something that can be found in every girl’s makeup collection.

Matte lipsticks are ruling these days. Matte makes any color no matter how dark or light, a bit more sophisticated and classy. Also the matte finish look is something that is capable of grabbing anyone’s attention instantly.

So you might be having a lot of lipsticks that aren’t matte. So instead of letting your non-matte lipsticks go waste, here’s a trick on how to make your glossy or shiny lipstick matte. Follow these simple steps – 

Exfoliate your lips – No matter what lipstick you are applying, exfoliating your lips should be a part of your skincare routine. It is important to have smooth lips for a perfect look. So use a lip exfoliator to get rid of the dead skin and get smooth lips.

Moisturize properly – After exfoliating, the next step is moisturizing. To get a flawless look and to avoid dryness, moisturize your lips properly.

Apply concealer – Applying concealer makes sure that the lip color looks more vibrant and also lasts longer.

Outline your lips – For outlining the lips, use a lip liner that is 1 or 2 shade lighter than the lipstick. Outlining helps in minimizing the chances of errors and also prevents the lipstick from bleeding onto the skin around the lips.

Apply the lipstick – So, the next and the most important step is applying lipstick. Make sure that you blend the lipstick with the lip liner properly. You can also use a brush to apply and blend it.

Do not apply more coat as it will look bad once the lipstick dries out.

Apply translucent powder – Now take a tissue and cover your mouth. Then take a brush, dip it in the translucent powder, and dab it on the tissue. Once you are done, remove the issue. The shine or the gloss of the lipstick is gone and you will get a perfect matte look.

If you do not want that perfect matte look, apply a little gloss or a little highlighter on your lips.

So now you know the secret of mattifying your lips perfectly. Go wear vibrant colors and flaunt them!

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