Daily use of Lipstick can cause brain damage – Is it true?

By | March 5, 2020

Lipsticks are amazing! They act as a lifesaver when you have no or little access to other makeup products. They add a glow to your face and make you look fresh even without makeup. Ladies out there, we know how these lipsticks make you feel confident and we also understand the need to wear it daily. But are they good for your physical and mental health?

Well, there is a solid reason why children aren’t allowed to use lipstick, it contains LEAD! We all know how dangerous the consumption of lead can be. It is a neurotoxin and can cause damage to your nervous system that means excessive lead ingestion can lead to behavioral abnormalities and brain damage. Apart from lead, there are other chemicals and metals too that can harm the body.

Your lips absorb anything applied to it, be it petroleum jelly or gloss or a lipstick. Plus lipsticks also block the pores on the lips which prevents them to breathe. Moreover, frequent and prolonged use of lipsticks can cause high blood pressure, poor muscle coordination, and hearing and vision impairments.

How to check for lead in lipsticks?

Of course not every lipstick contains that much lead, but some big brands too put a lot of lead in its products. You can check if your lipstick has lead or not through a very simple test.

Just take your lipstick and apply some of it on your hand, now take a gold ring (14k-24k) and scratch it. If the color turns to black, then it does contain lead!

How to use lipsticks and still be safe?

You can’t resist applying one, and we are not saying to stop using them. This terrifying news about lipsticks has been everywhere for years, the debate never stops.

What we can do is minimize its use a bit and also take some additional care before and after using it. Exfoliate your lips on a daily basis and use simple petroleum jelly. Before applying a lipstick apply lead-free primer or gloss or jelly on your lips. Do not forget to remove it before you go to sleep. If we can’t stop using them at least we can take some preventive steps to ensure that it doesn’t do much harm.

So the next time you want to apply that stick, just be a little careful!

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