Top 8 Destinations of India

By | February 29, 2020

India is a country with vast variety of cultures and traditions. You can enjoy the different flavours of life after a certain distance. You can experience a variety of cuisines and languages while travelling across the country. It is really difficult to narrow down the best destinations of into a few but here are some of the places that are must to include in your trip to India.

1. Amritsar

It is the home for India’s most notable landmarks i.e. Golden Temple. It is a holy place of the Sikhs with a holy pool of nectar. The exquisite Golden Temple and Wagha Border of Pakistan attract the number of visitors from across the world.


2. Delhi

The capital city of India – Delhi, is a hub of cultures. The top attractions of the city are mosques, forts, monuments, and markets. It is a chaotic place yet the best place to explore every culture of India. The best way to experience all the attractions of Delhi is to hire a Ho-Ho bus ride.


3. Goa

It is the top beach destination in India. It is the best destination to enjoy parties as well as the lazy days by the sea. The city is divided into two different parts i.e. North and South. North Goa is more a happening place whereas South Goa is popular for its quiet beaches.

4. Kashmir

‘Heaven on Earth’ is the phrase that completely fits to describe the tranquil beauty of Kashmir. It has managed to retain the splendid and breath-taking beauty even after having a troubled history. The serene beauty of Kashmir makes it the best option to carve the perfect love tale.


5. Kerala 

Kerala offers the most tranquil and relaxing trip in a houseboat along with the palm-fringed backwaters. It has a lush green environment best place to experience healthy and meditative life. Visit the place to pamper your soul, body, and mind in a beautiful city.


6. Kolkata

It is the most fascinating yet underrated city of India that unfortunately is often overlooked by the tourists. It is regarded as the cultural capital of India and the major highlight of the city is its biggest festival of Durga Puja. You can discover the delicacies of Bengali cuisine and the engaging heritage in the city.

7. Udaipur

It is popularly known as the city of lakes and palaces and it is also considered as one of the most romantic cities in India. It is a must-visit a place to experience with royalty and traditions. It is popularly known as the Kashmir of Rajasthan due to its awe-inspiring aura.


8. Varanasi 

It is one of the best holy cities in India which helps you to get in touch with the Hindu rituals. It offers you with valuable insight into the traditions of India. The Ganga River flowing in the city is used for bathing and burying dead bodies. The highlight of the city is the evening aarti ceremony at riverside ghats.


If you are planning to visit India then you must stop by each of these places and see what they instil in their beautiful walls. The varied culture of India awaits your visit to enjoy its varied cultures and flavours. If you want to experience life in a colourful way then no other place is better than visiting India especially to these places. Although there are N numbers of other places in India where you can visit but these places should be in your priority list. Visit soon to experience the best!


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